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January 16, 2020

High Quality Products, Reminders To Stay Present

  • Are You Looking For a New Pair of Quality Shades, But Not Sure What Brand To Choose?
  • Are you also tired of the uninspired, mass produced, cookie cutter, so called A-Brands out there?
  • Would You Prefer To Make a Conscious Statement by Wearing Something Different, a Brand With a Good Story?

​By Danielle J.

Meet Beingbar, perhaps the most likeable eyewear brand out there

Looking for new sunglasses, but want something different from everyone else's? And wouldn't you want products that are conscious, like you are? Are you also tired of seeing the same fake lifestyle and enforced brand identities everywhere? In this article we explore another option.

Another choice, beyond the eyewear

What if there was another choice of ​great looking Shades? What if there was a new brand of products that do exactly what they should do fuctionally, but add something special?

Meet Beingbar, the ultimate conscious eyewear. They take products beyond functionality and fake identity. The quality is the same as that of the big brands, but they add something that other cannot compete with.

The difference is: Beingbar has a great story to tell. A story about the creation of their brand. And a Story about how their products themselves are created. It’s a story about Conscious Choices…

A fresh, ​better approach to brands and products

Founded only a few years ago, the Beingbar brand has quite a contradictive message. The brand was created to refocus people’s attention to what truly matters in life. According to the founders, It’s not the brands and their enforced brand identities that are important. What should matter most in life is to stay present. Fully in the moment. Enjoying every single ​slice of your life.

This concept of living in the present moment is known to people already for thousands of years, and is linked to inner peace and even enlightenment. Beingbar brings that elementary concept to fashion and more specifically, great looking Eyewear.

With all the big brands out there with enforced brand identities and lifestyle images, we can easily forget that it should be about  your own life. Your own identity. And in the process, to try and make the world around you a little bit better too.

Conscious Choices in ​sunglasses

There is a hidden reminder in every Beingbar design, to remind you to stay present and focused. Their message “Always. Here. Now.” is there if you’re looking for it. But not visible when you wear it. It’s a subtle statement to yourself and perhaps even others that you understand your priorities in life. Not what a big corporation tells you is important.

Organic look and feel

Beingbar products are made using natural, organic looking materials whenever possible. Examples are fast-growing bamboo and wooden elements. Some models can contain ​ plastics or metal when it’s structurally better, so they can last up to a lifetime. But most importantly they offer you a choice in material, with a focus on natural.

Hand Crafted products, made with care

Beingbar Products are made by hand. Crafted with care. The end result is that even two pairs of the same model can slightly differ in how they look. The Beingbar range distinguishes itself with expressive colors, shapes, materials and models, while the design is still simple, even functional.

Unique and special by design

The products are made in relatively small quantities and have a unique design. Because of that they will make you stand out. They represent you and who you are, contrary to the big corporate brands with their enforced lifestyle images and brand identities. These products make you stand out by design.

​Some Unique Beingbar design features

Unique, Organic, Natural Look

​Every model comes with natural, organic looking elements in the design, which makes it unique. Some models have wooden elements. Others have bamboo. It makes Beingbar's gear stand out from the rest.

​High Quality Materials and Design

​Beingbar sports certain design elements that are important for durability and comfort of sunglasses, such as flex/spring hinges (help protect the temples from breaking) and Polarized lenses.

Reminders To Stay Focused and Present

​The thing that makes Beingbar unique, is the hidden message in the design (Always. Here. Now.) It's not difficult to imagine that this resonates with us at SELF HELP BAR™. We also like that the message is subtle, hidden.

"​I really ​love my Beingbar. After damaging my old sunglasses last Summer, I really needed a new pair. You see the same ​stuff everywhere and I was looking for something more unique. I love the fact that these are made with bamboo, from an environmental perspective. I also ​like the ​company. They seem to be on mission, spreading awareness of the importance of staying present and conscious. I can only support that".

​Large Choice, Conscious Choice

​There are many models to choose from, although they all share that same element that links them together, in that distinguishable organic look and feel. Fresh, vibrant colors and design, very light. At this moment they have more than 70 different models in their range.

​Reviewing Beingbar products

​Although we simply love the concept and the story behind Beingbar, we tested them for a while to see if they are comfortable and of high quality. Here are the Pros and Cons:


  • ​Very Light Weight Products. You barely feel them while you're wearing them
  • ​Unique Organic Design, really stands out
  • ​Polarized Lenses: except for a few exceptions, all models have polarized lenses. Not as upsell, like most ​other brands
  • ​Story/philosophy we can support 100%
  • ​Worldwide shipping
  • ​The products ship Plastic-free


  • Like most other sunglasses, the lenses scratch from sand (while ​we wear them at the beach!)
  • ​​Certain types of sunblock can affect the lens coating (this ​was mentioned in the product description though)
  • ​The bamboo elements are thin, so you should not sit on them in the car!
  • ​They ship from Europe which can make shipping more expensive in other regions


We are fans of the Beingbar brand. You will get the same quality of product, with a design that looks unique. The brand philosophy seals the deal for us though.

Interested in ​the sunglasses from Beingbar? ​
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